licensing stuff

Any content on this site that is not original (created by us) will be credited to its source. Most of the original content on this blog will be textual, with some explanatory pictures included. With regard to our original content: we want this information to be shared, to move, to travel, to take root, to grow, and to enrich. That’s the whole point of this blog.

To that end, this Creative Commons license indicates that you can take our content, change it, share it, send it, as much as you want to; we simply ask that you, in some small way, attach our name(s) to it.

(Really, this is mostly motivated by Kelly, who hopes to some day make a career in writing. This will help her to maintain a credible portfolio — so any efforts at attribution are greatly appreciated.)

Creative Commons License
RelentlessForwardMotion Weblog by Chris and Kelly McRae is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


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